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Quality Sleep
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Quality sleep is the fountain of youth!

The absence of quality sleep can ruin our quality of life and can even be hazardous for those diagnosed with sleep apnea. Snoring alone disrupts the sleep and lives of millions of people worldwide. Thus, quality sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity. Fortunately, there is a cure – Dental Sleep Medicine, which is helping patients in incredible ways including saving lives.

A few years ago, we added this new vertical to our practice – Sleep & Airway Health Management! Dr. Leena Bahu is one of the few dentists in our area trained on how to diagnose and treat sleep disorders and to successfully manage airway health.

As we’re continuously learning at Elite Dental Care, you can expect from our team to proficiently discuss with you about sleep disturbances, snoring, sleep apnea disorder, airway, mouth breathing vs. nose breathing, sleep & aging, and sleep architecture. We are very excited to share with our patients the options available for airway health.

Proper Breathing

Having trouble breathing through your nose? One choice of remedying nasal obstruction is the use of the nasal device called the Mute.

Unlike with the limitations of the nasal strips, you will find that the Mute truly combats snoring as it promotes nasal breathing (ideal for nasal congestion) and reduces the reliance of mouth breathing. It basically allows the snorer to keep their mouth closed during sleep, which may reduce the vibrations in the throat: a key cause for disruptive snoring. When breathing better, sleeping better, and snoring less your comfort through the night is increased. It may reduce medications you take too.

Mute is design for comfort, fit and effectiveness. Just like our faces are not symmetrical, neither are our noses. Although our external nose size is not always representative of our internal anatomy, Mute fits all nose types and sizes because it is adjustable, allows for subtle adjustments from one nostril to the other ensuring optimal airflow through both sides. Used for nasal obstruction caused by narrow airways, asymmetrical noses, scar tissues, and deviated septums, Mute overcomes nasal asymmetry through a personalized fit (using patented dilatation technology) that promotes easier nasal breathing which makes sleep more relaxed and comfortable. The Mute helps with breathing more and snoring less.

Made of ultra-soft medical grade polymer, Mute is drug-free and uses no adhesives. It can be used alone or when needed in conjunction with throat spray and/or nasal spray to keep the airways open all night or in conjunction with other snoring solutions such mouth appliances to aid more complex snoring problems such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Although, major pharmacies carry the Mute, Elite Dental Care is a referral dental practice for Mute, which means you can purchase the mutes through us at the discounted price.

If you or your partner snore, we invite you to come to our office and get a sleep test. The process is very simple and quick. Most medical insurances cover the sleep test and when indicated oral appliances. No worries about the billing of your medical insurance, we have a simple system for that too.

Please call us at (248) 851-6166 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your sleep conversation and consultation.

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